Find Focus Through Creativity

Through a creative craft session, drama and acting session our beneficiaries have been able to find out about themselves and focus on where they are currently and what they would like to do in future.

The program consists of:

Inspire Project Update



Make Connections. Learn Together.

Many beneficiaries have feedback they thoroughly enjoyed the five-day sessions and met some really lovely people and are very interested in learning and doing more to help themselves, in gaining a better future for themselves and their children.

Inspire Project Update

Gain Confidence & Friends

Many were extremely shy and quiet when they first attended the sessions, and have since come out of their shells, made new friends and feel they are ready to face things, have gained confidence which they felt was lacking and want to do and gain more skills.

Inspire Project Update

Enrolling for the Future

On completion of the programme many beneficiaries have enrolled on other training programs, updated their CV’s, applied for roles and courses. Some of our clients expressed an interest in enrolling onto a British sign language course with Adult Education from January 2020.

Further INSPIRE courses are scheduled for:

4th – 8th November 2019

18th – 22nd November 2019

9th to 13th December 2019