During October 2021 and March 2022 BOS Business Office Solutions CIC delivered PHOENIX project supporting beneficiaries to address their personal barriers to work and improve their money management/budgeting skills and personal financial situation. 

Funded by the Black Country ESF Community Grant the project provided intensive support for individuals from excluded groups who were suffering with loneliness, low self-esteem and lack of opportunities brought about partially or fully from social and/or social and digital isolation and a situation that has been exacerbated as a result of Covid-19.   Through a range of interventions including 1:1 Information, Advice and Guidance sessions, group support workshops and Digital Skills training clients were supported to improve social interaction, build confidence, improve mental health and wellbeing and improve opportunities in the labour market. 

During the project period over 20 unemployed and economically inactive clients in the Black Country gained new skills, improved their confidence, built CV’s and furthered employment opportunities. They attended: 

– Health & Wellbeing sessions 

– Digital/IT Skills training 

– Employability support 

– Introduction to Sign Language 

– Confidence building workshops 

– Budgeting and money management skills and understanding HMRC 

– Routes to Entry Level Accredited courses in Maths, English and IT 

-Career talks from local employers 

-Introduction to Wolves at Work team to explore local employment vacancies 

As a result of the project 3 clients entered full time employment after being out of work for more than 6 months, with 2 of the clients has chosen self-employment as their future goal.  A further 7 clients have progressed to accredited learning courses in English, Maths & Digital Inclusion – IT Skills. 

We had some great feedback from our clients:  

‘Good place to go if you’re like me and lack confidence’ 

‘Very educational and informative. I met some lovely people & developed my confidence’ 

‘Really helpful of clearing my mind of fears & insecurities that I usually struggle to do’ 

‘I enjoyed meeting new people’                                                 

‘Was made to feel welcome’ 

 ‘So much fun & informative’                                     

‘I have more motivation to socialise with others’ 

‘Really enjoyed the course – very friendly, and helpful’ 

 ‘I have achieved new skills and socialised more with new people’ 

‘Loved every minute of it – the tutors made us feel comfortable & welcome’ 

‘Found the mindfulness and mediation so relaxing and helpful for me to deal with the anxieties of everyday life’ 

Through the Black Country Community Grants’ PROENIX projects BOS had an opportunity to offer support and guidance to help vulnerable and disadvantaged unemployed people to take a step closer to employment at their own pace, helping them to realise their full potential and have equal opportunities in the work place. 


When Philip started at BOS, he had an overall goal to become more employable. However, in order to this, Philip was knowing he had hurdles that were holding him back. These were things like an old CV, low confidence and a general lack of knowledge in IT.  

In addition, Philip had not worked in quite a while which contributed to his lack of skills. He had very detailed knowledge of military history, but this also proved to be a challenge too as It’s such as niche area of work. 

Taking all of that into account, there is never a moment BOS will try to help those that are struggling. Using the Advisors help, Philip was given plenty of support, especially with IT which was his weakest area.  

He was enrolled onto our accredited IT course we hold in house where, at the end of the course, has was awarded a recognised certificate that was used to help him find a job. Philip struggled with the very basics of IT such as not knowing what a computer is or what it does, how to use the internet or use his emails effectively. By the end of the course, Philip overcame each of these barriers and became quite confident with his general IT skills.  

“From a person that lacked in confidence, awareness and general negative demeaner, the support has provided me with hope and guidance. I can quite confidently say: I’m a changed man and this is where my journey to success begins.” 

Through BOS project, Philip has now found courses in history that he could be enrolled on as well as a possible voluntary position situated at Wolverhampton Archives. With this news, it has sparked a fire of determination and confidence to learn more and hit his desired goals and targets on his employment journey. 

Philip has now been enrolled onto one of the new programs at Access to Business where he is constantly learning new skills, becoming more employable every day, and enjoy himself throughout.