Confidence Matters: FREE Skills to Cope with COVID-19

Confidence Matters: FREE Skills to Cope with COVID-19

If you’re suffering from isolation and need a confidence boost – get the FREE skills here!

Confidence Matters is perfect for those who want to improve their levels of confidence, mental health and wellbeing.

As a series of workshops, the project is aimed to support individuals who are currently struggling with a lack of confidence due to the social restrictions of COVID-19. Coronavirus regulations have resulted in a lot of people suffering from the effects of loneliness, isolation, poor mental health, and depression.

What you’ll receive these FREE workshops:

With a mixture of 1:1 support and group sessions Confidence Matters covers a range of self-building activities to help combat any negative emotions – putting you in a healthier head-space.

Learn a variety of basic IT skills, understand the steps to handle stress, enjoy and experience confidence building games and crafts to help rebuild your social skills.

  • How to Manage Everyday Stress
  • How to Practice Mindfulness
  • 5 Tips for Better Self-Confidence
  • Journaling for Health & Wellbeing
  • How to Become Motivated
  • And much more!

If you’re interested in joining this exciting new project, or just want to enquire for further information, call us for a chat on 01902 422421 or email Barbara at

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Confidence matters. build self esteem. battle loneliness, depression and isolation. FREE