Morgan Harrison

Morgan Harrison

A BOS Success Story

Morgan started coming to us back in December 2018. Nineteen year old Morgan came to us with an idea of the type of work she wanted to do.

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Morgan Harrison

Morgan left school with qualifications and a bright future ahead of her. Morgan attended Sixth form for some months before deciding it wasn’t for her.

Morgan went on to do a Childcare apprenticeship as she was sure this was the industry she wanted to go into.

Morgan completed her apprenticeship however when it came to an end Morgan went and worked a season in Ibiza, although this was not a forever job for her it brought out her confidence massively and built on her people skills.

After a lot of thinking and deciding, Morgan decided she wanted to become Cabin Crew! Morgan came to us as she had not worked in an environment like this before and wanted to build up her communication and customer service skills through our Time2shine project.

There are a lot of elements when it comes to becoming cabin crew and training for this role, Morgan wanted general experience in many areas such as admin and presentation skills. A decision was made that Morgan was going to do some volunteering with us.

There were many reasons for this. One reason it was decided that Morgan was going to volunteer with us, was that it would help to build up her customer service skills.

During this volunteer role Morgan would have to be liaising with clients and staff alike which would build up her confidence. Morgan was also supporting us with our workshop delivery which eased her into being in front of a large group of people and having to be confident enough to talk in front of them.

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Morgan, a full-time cabin crew member

Whilst Morgan was with us we also assisted her with application forms as she had not had to complete one before.

Along with this we also helped Morgan update her CV which would make her stand out during an application progress.

Morgan had only had 1 interview before, whilst on the Time2shine project we went through interview questions with Morgan to prepare her for what might be asked.

Fast forward to today and Morgan is now working full time as Cabin Crew with a well-known airline!

Morgan has thanked us massively for our support and feels as though our support helped her gain her current position.

Three stars: Morgan, Katrina Williams (BOS Project Leader) &
Elizabeth ‘Liz‘ Jane Mason (BOS Administrator)